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Buying a home in Charleston NOW!

Sunday, January 25, 2015   /   by Caleb Pearson

Buying a home in Charleston NOW!

CharlestonWhy buy now?

Experts are fully expecting interest rates to climb over the next few months going into the spring and summer of 2015! Take this into consideration. Follow me here! If you are buying a home for $400,000 today at a 4.25% interest rate, your monthly mortgage payment will be approximately $175 less than when you buy that same home down the road if your interest rate were to climb to 5%.

Now lets think about it even further. The average sales price in our market went up over 4% from last year. Let's pretend the market does the same this year. That $400,000 could cost you $416,000 next year! With all of this to consider, it is a perfect time to be buying a home!

If you have been contemplating purchasing a home, NOW IS THE TIME!